Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up XXXXVIII - current UK floods are unprecedented: apart from 1362, 1607, and 1953 (14 feb 14)

Graph: UK precipitation has hardly changed in 100 years


On February 14, the Guardian told us in six different headlines that the flooding in the UK is clear evidence of global warming. The argument goes like this: 1. There has been global warming. 2. There is flooding. 3. Therefore, global warming causes flooding.

Climate change: expert's verdict - It is here, it is now and we must act - and it could lead to global conflict


Yet an article from two days before describes worse floods in 1362, 1607, and 1953:

Since man-made global warming was much lower in 1362, 1607, and 1953 than it is now, it follows that no link at all has been shown between global warming and flooding.(The 1607 one may have been a tsumani, but the other two were weather-related. Occasional flooding is a normal feature of the UK climate).


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