Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up XXXII - science is a democracy after all (17 may 13)

At least, according to the Guardian it is. 97% of "climate science" papers agree global warming is man-made. That settles it:

The picture is a guy collecting ice from 6,500m in Bolivia. I remember when I went there, I thought I could see anthropogenic global warming, because a ski resort went out of business because the snow melted. When I was in Canada, I was convinced by a picture of a post office near a glacier one hundred years ago, contrasted with how far back the glacier has retreated since. OK, but where was the glacier in 1750? Or 1250? I couldn't see global warming - I'd just uncritically accepted unscientific propaganda, that's all.

A comprehensive response to the notion that science advances by voting can be found here:

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