Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up LXXIX - refugee crisis caused by global warming (07 sep 15)

This article starts by saying "climate change" merely "contributes" to the refugee crisis, but goes on to blame it for almost everything: "climate change is going to lead to far more heat-waves and drought... exacerbating crop failure, food and water shortages, conflict and dislocation of people." -

Most of my comments pointing this out were deleted, but this one survived:

'Meme mine' asked

"Will science ever end this debate to save the planet from climate change and finally say it's "proven" before it's too late to say it? Can Obama order science to end this debate?"

I replied

"You mean, the way Stalin ordered science to end the debate on Mendelian vs. Lamarckian inheritance? That's not how science works in the West, thought there are forces trying to make it like that."

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