Rod McLaughlin

You can't make it up LIV - the BBC is criticized for giving too much credit to scientific skepticism (02 apr 14)

This is an example of a tried and tested political technique - in a dispute, attack a party which is on your side, which makes moderate concessions to the other side, giving the impression it is biased in the other side's favor, thus narrowing the range of debate to you and your allies. The BBC occasionally gives a voice to skeptics on the issue of the allegedly disastrous consequences of man-made global warming. But, mostly, the corporation is overwhelmingly biased toward the warm-mongers. It rarely reports the failure of the predictions of the IPCC's models, for example. (See chart showing the models' predictions rising, while real temperatures from weather baloons and satellites have stayed flat for twenty years).

By attacking the BBC for its rare opening up to scientific skepticism (isn't that redundant?), politicians give the impression that it is relatively balanced:



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