Rod McLaughlin

Waiting for Godot (and a break in the weather) in Missoula (19 apr 12)

The picture is between Polson and Missoula, a view of the Mission Mountains.

Got to Missoula on April 18, just in time to see Waiting for Godot at the Crystal Theater.

It was a fairly dry ride from Polson to Arlee on April 17 (day 4) so I camped at Arlee. Lovely campsite by the Jocko river - unfortunately they've re-routed highway 93 so it goes right past it on a bridge which causes tires to make a loud noise. The ducks, geese, swans and numerous other birds ignore it. There's nothing like spring in Montana. Well, maybe spring further north - obviously, the shorter the summer, the more activity in the spring.

It rained heavily the following morning, and I found I hadn't fixed my tent well enough for lack of duct tape. Will remedy today in Missoula.

Tonight I'll stay in Missoula, then head off tomorrow morning south. That'll make four nights in a motel and two in campgrounds for a total distance of 120 miles, so I need to move faster.

I'll have to ask Adventure Cycling which way to go, but it's probably due south on 93 through Darby and over a 7,000 foot pass. The weather forecast says it'll be sunny the day I'm doing that, otherwise I'd have to wait. A rainstorm here at 3,000 feet would be a snowstorm somewhere between here and 7,000 feet.

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