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Texas and Darwin (16 nov 12)

Lauren Scruggs - not as smart as she looks


"The train suddenly appeared on the tracks" -

Texans killed by train. I'm sorry, but trains don't "suddenly appear". They are massive and noisy and have bright lights on in front. They don't accelerate rapidly or turn sharp corners. They usually follow railroad tracks. Unless you are a moron, trains are easy to avoid.


Remember my article about travelling on a twin-propellor aircraft, how the staff fenced off the propellors from the passengers? I thought this unnecessary, as no-one would be dumb enough to walk into a large powered sharp choppy thing. Then I heard about Lauren Scruggs, another Texan. She lost her arm by walking into a propellor, or 'airscrew' as I think it's properly called.

Anyway, Lauren has a prosthetic arm, and she's doing fine, thanks to modern medicine. Correction - she says it's because of a 'miracle'. She has a point - natural selection has difficulty explaining how the genes for abject stupidity have survived for so long.,,20647859,00.html

Her Wikipedia entry says she is

often mistakenly referred to in the media as a model

and at the bottom, it says 

This biography article about a United States model is a stub.




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