Rod McLaughlin

Recommending Steamboat Campground (12 may 12)

3603 Lincoln Ave. Steamboat Springs, CO 80487  [(888) 451-2243]

I took three opinions how to ride to Denver. The first two were from ultra-fit bikers in bike stores. They both involved the equivalent of climbing Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. I've done that, but not on a bike in four days. 

I realized that I was running out of time. Today (12 May) I'd already paid for another night at the wonderful Steamboat Campground, but I rushed back, packed, and prepared to set off. It was way past checkout time, but I looked in the office just in case I could get my money back for one night. The guy was just leaving, but he went back in, and not only gave me a refund, he told me the sane way to get to Denver airport from here. 

It's - ride to Silverthorne (Rabbit's Ears pass on hwy 40 if you feel like it, road 131 then county road 14 [dirt] if you don't), then pick up the shuttle behind Walmart in Frisco. This avoids

- a 12,000 foot pass

- a freeway

- Denver.


Steamboat Springs is outdoor-sports heaven. They have an Olympic ski jump made of astroturf, real ski runs, rock climbing, artificial waves in the river for kayaking, mountain biking... but the winter before last it reached minus 52° F.

Even the music is decent. All around town there is only Bob Marley, but at the campground, in the laundry, showers etc. they play a satellite station which has some techno which would have not been out of place in England 25 years ago. 


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