Rod McLaughlin

Norman conquest (14 may 12)

Someone in a cafe showed me how to see the radar at

There were huge thunderstorms to the south, but I rode toward them. They moved out of the way, and I got lost on county roads. I eventually flagged down a car, and the lady inside was from Liverpool. Not only did she give me directions to Stagecoach State Park campground, she said to drop by her house for a cup of tea or a beer - it was a log cabin overlooking the Yampa Valley. Only did twenty miles that day, and thirteen the next.

The Yampa is now getting quite small. I'm in a hotel in the town of Yampa. Decided to take it easy again - now two or three days riding to Silverthorne and Frisco, from where I'll get a bus.




Here's Norman Tebbitt, former minister of Margaret Thatcher's government, succintly summarizing the problems of the European Union from a conservative perspective:

It's the best summary I've read. I'd never have thought, back in the day when I was a Maggie-basher, I'd ever say anything positive about Norman.


And here's more shameless Euro-bashing from the Telegraph:

Great stuff.


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