Rod McLaughlin

Climbing at Ton Sai, Thailand (10 oct 12)

I got back into lead climbing for the first time in many years.

Met some great people. Climbed mostly with Israelis.




Me after my first 6a lead for years. 6a is about 5.8 in the American system - nothing to write home about, but I'm just happy to be climbing again.


This is a 7b just at the beginning of the rocks on the east end of Tonsai beach, right next to the bar. I'm in the bar, not on the rock.


The ladder up to the famous multi-pitch climb 'Humanality'. I'm not back on multi-pitch climbing yet.


This is young Bianca from Waco, Texas, to whom we taught a few skills. With her are some 'real' tourists, staying at the more expensive Railay beach.


Bianca, I, and two of the great Israelis I climbed with.


You can try climbing to see if you like it. You can try diving to see if you like it. You can try surfing to see if you like it. You can't try base-jumping to see if you like it.


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