Rod McLaughlin

A double convertee in Thailand (06 sep 12)

At a youth hostel, I met a woman who is a convert from

  • male to female
  • Christian to Muslim

She cleared up several misconceptions.

For example, Thailand is allegedly a safe haven for transsexuals, but she claimed the Islamic countries are better. She didn't like Thailand, and couldn't wait to get back to Saudi Arabia, where she lives.

She described being ripped off by taxi drivers and immigration officials. Thailand is relatively free of crime, but you have to be aware of obvious scams. So unused to crime is she, she was easily robbed. She said how a taxi driver had tried to lead her on a wild goose chase to take her about 5 meters and charge her $5. She said if anyone tried that in Saudi Arabia, they would have their hands cut off, and she sounded as if she approved of this

Nothing like the zeal of the converted.


Portland London