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The best novel about gambling since Dostoevsky       22 apr 14

"These boys are showing me that the truly confident have no need to belittle anyone"

It's not just me who finds Git obtuse       13 apr 14

Where I work now, we're using Mercurial. I call it "Git for dummies" because I can actually use it.

You can't make it up LVI - the best parody of climate fearmongering ever       12 apr 14

You can't make it up LV - Joanne Nova summarizes the corruption of science       10 apr 14
"The climate is not “values laden”. The rain falls or it doesn’t, there is no parallel reality where it is raining on free marketeers but not raining on socialists. It’s not about whether the rain has the right to fall, or whether we should be pro-choice about rainfall. With atmospheric physics there is an answer. If climate science cannot be resolved by observations, th

You can't make it up LIV - the BBC is criticized for giving too much credit to scientific skepticism       02 apr 14
This is an example of a tried and tested political technique - in a dispute, attack a party which is on your side, which makes moderate concessions to the other side, giving the impression it is biased in the other side's favor, thus narrowing the range of debate to you and your allies. The BBC occasionally gives a voice to skeptics on the issue of the allegedly disastrous consequences of man-made

You can't make it up LIII - the Guardian deletes another skeptical comment about global warming       31 mar 14
I wrote: "As the greatest hoax in history collapses, its hacks get more hysterical. This article is a great read. One day, its author will surely claim it was always intended to be a parody." - They also deleted a comment about the above comment: "My previous comment was deleted, with all the

You can't make it up LII - the Institute of Physics condemns "climate change" theory       21 mar 14 ... how long before the Royal Society, the AAAS and the American Physical Society catch up?

The Guardian chickens out       17 mar 14
Read this article about multiculturalism: Then read the comments. Then this: "Hi all, Comments on this thread are closing shortly for the night. Thanks for your contributions." The Guardian bit off more than it can chew.    

You can't make it up LI - sometimes climate change is good, and sometimes it isn't       11 mar 14
According to the authoritative New Zealand website, "", 800 years ago, a warming climate helped Mongolia. Fortunately (for the Mongols), it was accompanied by increased rainfall. Today, however, it is accompanied by drought. No danger of Mongol invasions now. Talking of Mongolia, one thing

You can't make it up L - just because global warming stopped doesn't mean it's not happening       27 feb 14
This article is surely a spoof. Note a couple of clues: it describes the fact that global temperature hasn't risen for 17 years as a "slowdown" rather than a "halt". It refers to the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society as authorities, when the motto of the latter defines it as the negation of argument from authority - "Nullius in verba". Finally, the arbitrariness of the time periods

Correction - the Daily Mail, not the Guardian, has conquered America       27 feb 14
"Frank's good, but Beefheart's the real thing"       25 feb 14
A serious commentary on the current situation in the Ukraine       25 feb 14
The Stones, Hyde Park, 1969       22 feb 14
You can't make it up XXXXIX - acidification moves seawater toward neutral pH       18 feb 14
You can't make it up XXXXVIII - current UK floods are unprecedented: apart from 1362, 1607, and 1953       14 feb 14
Facebook restricts users' gender to a mere 50 values       14 feb 14
Dead giraffes, Dawkins and Darwin       13 feb 14
This wouldn't happen in America       10 feb 14
You can't make it up XXXXVII - global warming allegedly one of the causes of war in Syria       04 feb 14
The dangerous life of American football players       03 feb 14
Is this another great country or WHAT??!!?       31 jan 14
Is this a great country or WHAT??!!?       28 jan 14
Is nature trying to tell us something?       26 jan 14
You can't make it up XXXXVI - worldwide cold caused by global warming       08 jan 14
Silverlight for Linux       08 jan 14
Don't use - they won't accept a complaint about a locked emergency exit at a hotel       03 jan 14
You can't make it up XXXXV - the "Clitanic" disaster       28 dec 13
What to do when Git decapitates you       28 dec 13
More revisionism from Bletchley Park       26 dec 13
Gradually Getting Git       25 dec 13
You can't make it up XXXXIV - global warming skeptics banned       19 dec 13
You can't make it up XXXXIII - weather isn't climate, except when it is       04 dec 13
You can't make it up XXXXII - Greenpeace activists compared to Warsaw Ghetto insurgents of 1943       24 nov 13
More early Soft Machine       17 nov 13
A gift to Pearl Harbor conspiracy theorists       13 nov 13
You can't make it up XXXXI - Philippines typhoon deaths blamed on - guess what?       09 nov 13
A final farewell to Microsoft       02 nov 13
You can't make it up XXXX - trust in science correlated with political opinion       17 oct 13
The Bonzos - look out there's a monster coming       15 oct 13
You can't make it up XXXIX - Fox News defends the scientific method       01 oct 13
How close America has come to nuclear disaster       21 sep 13
You can't make it up XXXVIIII - global warming scaremongers right even if they're wrong       18 sep 13
Did Britain really invent EVERY sport?       07 sep 13
You can't make it up XXXVIII - deadly cold snap in Peru symptom of global warming...       05 sep 13
You can't make it up XXXVII - the analogy between drug and climate hysteria       25 aug 13
How to install Rails 4 on a Celeron 4GB netbook       21 aug 13
Romanian princess charged in Central Oregon cockfighting racket       17 aug 13
Correction to "When Git lies to you"       11 aug 13
Soft Machine Live 1970 - complete concert       29 jul 13
You can't make it up XXXVI - a prediction so alarmist even climatologists hesitate to endorse it       25 jul 13
You can't make it up XXXV - climate scientists predict the past       23 jul 13
A surprisingly coherent criticism of Edward Snowden from a 'terrorism analyst'       21 jul 13
You can't make it up XXXIV - we are going to die of NOT ENOUGH CO2       03 jul 13
Ruby Two's Day       27 jun 13
The Guardian conquers America       24 jun 13
Comment in Guardian deleted       28 may 13
You can't make it up XXXIII - BBC admits there has been no warming for 15 years       21 may 13
I saw the 17-year cicadas in New York in 1996 - now they're back       20 may 13
Obama agrees - 97% of climate scientists believe in global warming       18 may 13
You can't make it up XXXII - science is a democracy after all       17 may 13
Once bitten, twice shy       13 may 13
The Guardian contradicts my article about bike riding in Cornwall       07 may 13
Why it's not always worth helping Google correct their bike map of the USA       04 may 13
Scientists say they didn't mention the Higgs particle, because its existence was 'obvious'       28 apr 13
"Calling out" - Obama supporters use Maoist techniques to stifle debate       26 apr 13
Darwin strikes again - this time in Wales       23 apr 13
You can't make it up XXXI - sing for the climate       19 apr 13
You can't make it up XXX - another hockey stick bites the dust       06 apr 13
You can't make it up XXIX - cold weather linked to... guess what?       25 mar 13
Finally, a social media site I can see the point of       24 mar 13
You can't make it up XXVIII - campaign to reinstate 'debate' about climate change in schools       20 mar 13
You can't make it up XXVII - an article about hunting in the Guardian       20 mar 13


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