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You can't make it up LXXXIII - Counterpunch gives in to groupthink       04 feb 16
Since Alexander Cockburn's death in 2012, the online magazine he founded, Counterpunch, has abandoned his sceptical view of the global warming industry. The latest outburst, from Peter Belmont, compares "climate change deniers" with Adolf... read more

How to install the Phoenix framework       29 jan 16
I stumbled on the Phoenix web application framework, which is written in the language Elixir, but couldn't find an accurate account of how to make it work. The documentation is wildly inaccurate, and the error messages incomprehensible. ... read more

No wonder the Middle East is such a mess       07 jan 16
" said Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian-American Council." That's two triple negatives in one sentence. Perhaps the Saudis misunderstood, and thought they shouldn't not execute this Nimr guy, rather than that they... read more

You can't make it up LXXXII - extreme weather events and WMDs       28 dec 15
"Extreme weather events" is a conveniently vague phrase, a bit like "weapons of mass destruction". That expression was used to amalgamate biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. If even a couple of chemical weapons had been found in Iraq,... read more

Climbing at Crazy Horse Buttress near Chiang Mai       19 dec 15

Hanoi-Chiang Mai - 3000 kilometres without a flat tyre       13 dec 15
The picture is a bit misleading, because I didn't really enter Chiang Mai by bike. I got the train the last 300 Km from Uttaradit, after five days of cycling from Udon Thani, including two 130 Km days on hilly roads. The train is cheap,... read more

The Guardian's worst act of censorship yet       08 dec 15
It's not a comment by me, it's by "David Brown", on an article about the 50th anniversary of the passing of the Race Relations Act: ... read more

A month without the internet       02 dec 15
Not quite completely without the internet. My phone battery isn t quite dead yet, so when my Mac wifi card failed shortly after entering Laos from Khe San, I could still check email. The phone lasts about ten minutes, then takes two... read more

Lies about Vietnam       02 dec 15
I smell something burning, hope it's just my brains.They're only dropping peppermints and daisy-chainsSo stuff my nose with garlicCoat my eyes with butterFill my ears with silverStick my legs in plasterTell me lies about Vietnam. ... read more

The Vinh Moc tunnels and a US Navy recruiting slogan       05 nov 15
I've discovered that, by heading south, I've ridden back into the rainy season. I got soaked yesterday on the Ho Chi Minh road, which has little shelter, from Phong Nha to Ben Quan, where I turned left to get onto QL1A, then right into Ho... read more

Phong Nha       30 oct 15
Thanh Hoa to Ky Lien via Vinh and Ha Tinh       26 oct 15
Quan Hoa to Thanh Hoa       23 oct 15
Mai Chau to Quan Hoa       21 oct 15
A holocaust survivor and some cute kids in Son La       18 oct 15
Potential rock-climbing near Tuan Giao       16 oct 15
You can't make it up LXXXI -'s Freeman Dyson scoop       14 oct 15
Dien Bien Phu       13 oct 15
Stuck inside of Lai Chau with the Dien Bien Phu Blues again       09 oct 15
A ride halfway to Sa Pa       03 oct 15
Country roads between Yen Bai and Lao Cai       02 oct 15
Yen Bai and a typical taxi driver       01 oct 15
One of those days when everything goes wrong...       30 sep 15
Vinh Phuc       29 sep 15
The road from Ha Long to Viet Tri       29 sep 15
Climbing with Asia Outdoors       26 sep 15
Re-reading the history of post-WWII Vietnam       21 sep 15
You can't make it up LXXX - the latest attempt by the global warming movement to jail dissidents       19 sep 15
Deep water soloing       19 sep 15
Hanoi to Haiphong       14 sep 15


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