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A ride halfway to Sa Pa       03-oct-15
It was downhill most of the way to Lao Cai. I was there five minutes when the unbelievable happened. A Chinese girl named Zoe walked over, sat down next to me, and offered me a ride halfway to Sapa. She and her friend Mia work as... read more

Country roads between Yen Bai and Lao Cai       02-oct-15
For the first time, I was riding on country roads and not continually subject to loud honks. In the countryside, these noises only occur when a construction truck driver comes round a corner and sees a group of schoolchildren... read more

Yen Bai and a typical taxi driver       01-oct-15
Grueling ride from Lack of salt made me feel a bit dizzy. I should have got up earlier to avoid the 13:00-16:00 part of the day, but I had a bit of a binge last night and didn't get started 'til 07:30. I did quite a lot of... read more

One of those days when everything goes wrong...       30-sep-15
...except in Vietnam, it's likely to get better quickly. First, I set off in the wrong direction from Don't ask me how. I could have sworn the hotel was on the right (north) side of the road when I stopped. However, after... read more

Vinh Phuc       29-sep-15
Eventually, while bypassing Hanoi Airport, I came across a road called an "Expressway" which doesn't allow bicycles, so I turned onto a side road and ended up in the hamlet of Vin Phuc, in a hotel called Phuong Thao. None of the... read more

The road from Ha Long to Viet Tri       29-sep-15
It's a long road, but when I get to Viet Tri, I'll be halfway to Sa Pa. Unless you are a really good navigator and have the right maps, it's difficult to avoid roads with a lot of traffic. You get honked at by trucks and buses -... read more

Climbing with Asia Outdoors       26-sep-15

They are on Cat Ba Island, near Haiphong, Vietnam. Highly recommended. The picture is of me on a climb called "Roots Rock Reggae" in Butterfly Valley.

Re-reading the history of post-WWII Vietnam       21-sep-15
It's grim reading, but light relief was provided by an account of president Kennedy's reaction to the CIA-supported murder of president Diệm of South Vietnam on November 2, 1963. He Wikipedia. He would have looked even more... read more

You can't make it up LXXX - the latest attempt by the global warming movement to jail dissidents       19-sep-15

Deep water soloing       19-sep-15
I forgot to ask anyone to take a picture of me falling into the water while rock climbing, but that's what deep water soloing is. We also went kayaking. The company arranging it is Asia Outdoors Island, which I recommend.... read more

Hanoi to Haiphong       14-sep-15


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